Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hello dear friend,
whats up?
Guess what. I got sick again. It is such a drag. I don't know how it happened, usually it only happens like every some other months. Its to early.
Well it is done with, and i can go back to normal life. Wait is that a good thing?
So i got all your posts, and thank you very much for "following me", but i don't think i can follow you. I can't seem to know how.
Did you get my letter yet?

Hear this, last night my brother went with his friends to see "Bolt" at the movie theaters, and they went back and he was gonna have a sleep over. We get this call from him. It happened like this, His friend has a Bebe gun and they start playing with it inside the house, and it's my brothers turn and accidentally the trigger snaps, and a Bebe fly's out and hit the screen of his friends fathers laptop.
So now their is a hole in the screen. Poor brother, he's gonna have to pay for a new laptop. I will try to help.

Well write soon, Yours faithfully


  1. nope,i just learned how to follow my own blog.

  2. If you go onto my blog, down below Everything that is on the side, it will say followers, and then 0. If you want to follow my blog, just click "Be the first to follow." If it does not work, mabey it is because you don't have e-mail. When I looked at your profile it said you were following a blog, but I don't reconize it. Oh well. That is horrible yet kind of funny about your bother. It sounds like something my brother would do. I feel auful for him, and hope he can pay it off with out to much trubble.


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