Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park was considered by Jane Austen as the favorite of her works, and it is such a good book.

It is a book of morals, and as Jane Austen is famous for her interpretation of the nature of humans. This book contains a lively amount of expression derived through the difference of each individual. The novel's heroine is an example of constancy, she although is not perfect as she is uncomfortable easily, however that is not bad, and by her demeanour she is profoundly respected.


When young Fanny Price is sent away from her own home and close family, she arrives into the house of her very wealthy uncle. The Bertram's take her in thinking nothing of it, but hoping that her poor insufferable ways do not contaminate there children's minds, but that her problem will itself disappear by associating with the proper educational society they expect acceptable.

Fanny is treated as unimportant, by her Uncle, Aunt, Aunt Noriss, and all of her cousins except by her Cousin Edmund Bertram. He is the only one who shows her the kindness that she deserves.

Years later and she eventually worked herself into the ways of her uncle's house. Although through the book she wins them by her steadfastness as it warms the hearts of her Aunt and Uncle. This book as it goes on is very different in change, seeing that they do really need her.

I love Austen's work as they always comes to an agreeable end, but it is true as she realized that the bad do not always come to bad ends.


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