Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kids Book: Fantastic Mr. Fox

I first read this book in the second grade, and it is a good children's book.

I hope the movie adaption that is coming out in 2009 is as good.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is a story about a family of foxes. Mr. Fox is the best thief that has ever stole anything from a farm. He and his family live in a tree and steal off of three nasty farmers, Boggis, Bunce, and Bean.

Mr. Fox out wits them every time and they are sick of it. Farmer Boggis is a chicken farmer, and he is fat as it goes on to tell. Farmer Bunce is a short dwarf like man, but with a huge belly, he has duck's and geese on his farm. And Farmer Bean is "Thin as a pencil", he has turkeys and apples on his farm, but as it is Farmer Bean is the smartest out of the three nasty men.

Every night Mr. Fox would go out and take a chicken, duck or geese, or a turkey, for his wife and kids.

Nothing is to hard for him.

But that is all going to change when all three nasty farmers team up.

This book as i said is a good children's book. And for adults its not irritating a some children's books can be.

It's good to read at home, at schools, or any were else.


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