Saturday, January 3, 2009

To Catch a Pirate, By Jade Parker

This book is quite short. It does not really have a complex story line, i would suggest this book to people who are into really corny love story's. For me i like corny, and happy, sappy endings, but i also like substance to my read. Its the kind of book you already know that they are going to end up with each other, with out finishing the books first chapter. You can get annoyed at times with the heroine, because i don't think we had enough time to see her mature, while it skips right from her being unsure to defencive and strong. It is not like "Pirates of the Caribbean"and it's not really deep or a best seller but it has just enough action and romance to fulfill your needs.

The author is an adult romance novelist and you can tell in this book. I did expect more from this book, like more action, and a better, stronger love interest, that pirate books which
have romance in it do have, but it is worth a sit down.


This story follows the life of Miss. Annalisa Townsends. Starting a year earlier, when she and her father are sailing to the Caribbean, there ship is then attacked by pirates on the search for treasure of rich nobles. Mr. Townsends is to be Governor, appointed by the king and is carrying
treasure that is to fund the new port.

She is sent down below into the hold, were one of the pirates James Sterling happens to find her, he threatens her, and threatens to take her dear locket, given to her by her dead mother.
She tells him that her ring is worth more than her locket, and he bribes her for a kiss.

"A dead man tell no tale"

A year later, her father is in jail, because the treasure lost that days was an important key to the future of the port and the king was not at all happy that it was lost.

So Annalisa decides to take matters into her own hands, for the sake of her father she is risking her life in going against pirates, capturing that Pirate James Sterling, who is the only way to retrieve her fathers riches.

THis book focuses more on the romance behind the action, but as a pirate book it could be worth more with more of a story, maybe with risks more than the risk of loosing her heart.

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  1. Anything that has to do with pirates I will read! (hehehehe)

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