Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eagle Strike

Eagle Strike is the 4th book in the Alex Rider series. It follows the book Skeleton Key.

And this is where you say "Alex is still alive!"

"Well yes." i answer.
"Eagle strike, what is it about?" you ask, and i will tell you:
Sir Damian Cray is a peace activist, rich bloke, and pop sensation. Every one loves him, from brainless bubble heads to crazed activists. He must be the most talented man in the world and you just gotta love him, but the thing is Alex is not to sure that Cray really cares.

After coming back from Skeleton Key, (alive, i know) he decided to go on a vacation with Sabina Pleasure. (His new friend.) They are in the south of France, when Alex spots no one other than Yassen Gregorovich. ( The killer of his uncle) Seeing him, Alex knows this must not be good.

Then Alex gets himself into a whole new experience, Bull fighting? Maybe if he's good he will take it up as a hobby.
So this book goes on after he returns, back with his good old friend, pain. But how much?

Alex tries to convince Mi6, that Damian Cray is nothing but evil with a happy go lucky smile. But no one believes him, go figure, even the queen loves him. Alex goes on a series of investigations, Alone! Which will lead him to soak up the glory and gloat in the sham of Mi6 or he will regret ever being caught up with Cray.

This book is quick witted and very Sharpe. You might even want to stop gaming, when your finished.


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