Monday, April 5, 2010

The Last Song (2010)

Title: The Last Song
Year: 2010 (March)
Rating: PG
Director: Julie Anne Robinson
Writers: Nicholas Sparks (Screenplay and Novel) and Jeff Van Wie (Screenplay)
Actors: Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear, Bobby Coleman, Liam Hemsworth, and Kelly Preston.

My Rating: 4/5
My Thoughts: I went to see this movie yesterday with my sister and her friend. I have (had) been wanting to see it since they started playing the previews on t.v. I am not against Miley Cyrus, i know some people LOVE or HATE her. I am neither, i love some things she does and i don't care for others. To start i really liked this movie and it really got me more wanting to read the book. I love the story line from Sparks. I thought it was a good movie and i thought the acting was really good. The characters were great and i must say the scenery was really Beautiful!!!!
Miley Cyrus totally surprised me with this film and i really liked her in it - it's much different then her Disney show and i thought her character portrayal completely different (except for the music part) from her real image. The story made me shed tears, i thought it was sad but not too too sad. Some things just make me sad. Well i won't say more on that because i do not want to spoil. But we all must know that Nicholas Spark's movies have never not once been not sad. That is i think a fact. They are not all bawl your eye's out sad but you must feel sad at least once during the movie to be watching a Spark's movie.

Well thank you for listening me go on - and on,

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