Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yet To Read: It's Thrusday But I Mean't it for Wednesday-

Yet To Read: is about a book that i really really want to get into and read. It has interested me enough to say that i really want to read it and i hope i get to. The plot description is from and the prices are too.

Title: a blue so dark
Author: Holly Schindler
Pages: 288
To be published: May 1st 2010
Price: $ 9.95


Fifteen-year-old Aura Ambrose has been hiding a secret. Her mother, a talented artist and art teacher, is slowly being consumed by schizophrenia, and Aura has been her sole caretaker ever since Aura's dad left them. Convinced that "creative" equals crazy, Aura shuns her own artistic talent. But as her mother sinks deeper into the darkness of mental illness, the hunger for a creative outlet draws Aura toward the depths of her imagination. Just as desperation threatens to swallow her whole, Aura discovers that art, love, and family are profoundly linked—and together may offer an escape from her fears.

Why? just found this book today and it sounded really good. The whole artistic side and the whole life changing facts of a mental disorder. I really want to read it.

Bostan ~

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