Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yet To Read

Yet To read: is about a book that i haven't read before but really really want to. This week i especially want to!
Title: Maximum Ride: School's out forever
Author: James Patterson
Pages: 368
Plot: The six genetically engineered bird children have escaped from the wolf-hybrid Erasers again, Max is still hearing The Voice in her head, and she is still reeling from the revelation that Ari, the most persistent of all the Erasers, is dead by her hand and that he might be her brother.
Why? Reading the first book interested me into reading this one, need to find out more!


  1. yeah, I never read the sequals... It would have created trobble between me and my mom...

  2. because she really did not like me reading the first one, but it was for school... so I don't think she would be very happy about me reading the second one, especially if it was not for school...

  3. Why didn't she want you to read it? It wasn't bad. Not about romance, or that stuff.

  4. No... It was not, she just did not like the whole plot... I might try again to soften her.... hehehe... I don't know... my mom is kind of weird about this kind of thing...


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