Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maximum Ride

Title: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (book 1)
Author: James Patterson
Pages 413
YA Science Fiction
Following Book: Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever (book 2)

Basic Rating: 4/5 and 1/2

Story: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Cover: 3/5

My Recommendation: For people who are looking for a book that takes them on a thrilling ride.

My Thoughts: I loved it! It was great and so much better than i had expected it to be. A must read! I really loved the characters. Every single character was given its own identity and since their were a bunch of main characters it was impressive. This was my first James Patterson book and i was again impressed, he is really a great writer. I loved the relationships between the characters and loved the mystery that they all shared. The story was powered wonderfully and the adventure was thrilling. I loved how the story was written, and where the adventure took me. (made me very excited to read the next book.) I am very happy with it and don't think it could have been made better. It was super good!

Plot: Six unforgettable kids - with no homes - are running for their lives. Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly. And that's just the beginning of their amazing powers. But they don't know where they come from, who's hunting them, whey they are different from all other humans. . . and if they're meant to save mankind - or destroy it.


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