Thursday, April 23, 2009

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

I Just got to see this movie, because my younger sister wanted to see it, which is strange because she really doesn't like this sort of thing. First of all i am not an all time biggest fan of Bond Movies, but they do afford me some pleasure.

I did like it, it was a James Bond Movie, so their were action parts (Hardly a dull moment), Girls, and villains. The story was good and their were funny parts and it was entertaining. But this would only practically be for action fans, or Bond fans. I can't say i didn't think it was good.



  1. The thing that I don't really like about Bond movies is that they really don't have deep plots, it is basically, a mission, and girls. But I will have to see it any way. Glad you liked it!

  2. This one had a plot around revenge and so on. But i was suprised that he did care about a girl in this movie. He usually never does.


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