Sunday, December 20, 2009

Alex Rider: Crocodile Tears

Title: Alex Rider Crocodile Tears
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Pages: 385

Basic Rating: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Cover: 4/5 (my copy is Hard cover and even with out the sleeve i love the black cover with blue wording on the side)

My Thoughts: Well generally i have really high expectations of these books of Alex Rider by Anthony H. and again i have been happy and more than satisfied with the out come. I simply loved this book, great competition to my favorite, Snakehead. From the beginning the story has been action packed and as always i love how Anthony writes his story's, they are words of colourful descriptions and colourful characters. Alex and the rest of the returning characters were wonderful as always, and the new character were also brilliantly made even if they were not so brilliant themselves. Well i only wish the book went on forever and i really can't wait for the next couple books of the series and the next books of Anthony Horowitz's.

Plot: Alex is having so much fun just relaxing and hanging out with Sabina Pleasure and her parents, they have just a few more days in Scotland till they leave but that's OK he plans to enjoy them. For the past Year he has been used by the special forces of MI6, he has traveled the world though under not to pleasant circumstances, he has been shot at and shot, and so many other things that a teenager his age should not have to deal with. But since now he is letting himself realize that maybe he is done with all that and maybe MI6 is done with him, i mean they didn't even send a card. That is until things start happening, and maybe having a perfect normal life is harder to attain than he had once thought. This time Alex needs the help of MI6 and conveniently they have a small job for him that turns out to be bigger than any one lead him to think. And it just might be that its not exactly MI6's fault this time and it might be that Alex just has a way of drawing in trouble. On a flight to Africa this is his biggest mission yet!

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