Monday, June 15, 2009

Doctor Who: Wetworld, By Mark Michalowski

Title: Doctor Who: Wetworld
Author: Mark Michalowski
Pages: 244
British Scifi

Rating: 3/5
Story: 3/5
Characters: 4/5
Cover: 4/5

This book was good and i liked it. It had a strong plot and pulled through. I liked how they added the jealous factor with the character Martha. With Characters i could really understand them and for the Doctor and Martha (since they are actually characters from a T.V show) they did have a whole lot on them at stake. And i find that they were described and made to act just rightly and very good. The word illustrations were very vivid and it was like i was watching something on the Telly. I do like it when my mind helps with the telling of the story.
I give It 3/5 because i liked and i have not yet been disappointed with a Doctor who book yet.

We start off when the Doctor is running off the walls trying to fix something with the TARDIS and Martha is asking if she can learn how to manage flying the TARDIS, when the Doctor tells her that he is taking her to Tiffany's for Breakfast. At that she is glowing with Delight, but that is before they have a disastrous landing in the future human lifetime of the planet Sunday.
The planet is mostly water and the TARDIS lands in a swamp. Little is known to the Doctor but that he must save Martha. She is still in the TARDIS as it is sinking slowly to the bottom. Hopefully the TARDIS's Shields with hold. The Doctor must abandon and try to find help. Although Human Missionary's on Sunday seem busy with their own problem. Could it be the effect of Sundays past? Or is it really something to do with the strange Alien Otters? What is happening, the Doctor must fight time to help his new friends and try to save Martha.

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