Monday, June 15, 2009

Books in the Mail~

I just got these three new books. It is true that i am already reading two books but i can't wait to read the following. Books= Smile to ones face

Doctor Who: Beautiful Chaos
Author: Gary Russell
Pages: 236
British Scifi

Plot: Donna Noble is back home in London, catching up with her family and generally giving them all the gossip about her journeys. Her grandfather is especially overjoyed- he's discovered a new star and had it names after him. He takes the Doctor, as his special guest, to the naming ceremony.

But the Doctor is suspicious about some of the other changes he can see in Earth's heavens. Particularly that bright star, right there. No not that one, that one, there, on the left...........
The world's population is slowly being converted to a new path, a new way of thinking. Something is coming to Earth, an ancient force from the Dark Times. Something powerful, angry, and all-consuming....

Title: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Author: James Patterson
Pages: 413
Action, Young Adult, Scifi
Plot: Six unforgettable kids-with no families, no homes-are running for their lives. Max Ride and her best friends have the ability to fly. And that's just the beginning of their amazing powers. But they don't know where they come from, who's hunting them, why they are so different from all other humans..... and if they're meant to save mankind-or destroy it.

Title: Once upon a Marigold
Author: Jean Ferris
Pages: 277
Part Comedy, Part love story, part everything-but- the- kitchen- sink.
Plot: Christian is gaga for Princess Marigold. He's just a commoner, though, and no match for royalty. Heck, he lives in a cave with a troll! And now he's discovered another reason to put his love-soggy heart on ice: Queen Olympia is scheming to take over the kingdom - and she'll bump off Marigold to do it! Can Chris foil her diabolical plans?


  1. I have read the Maximum Ride one. It was good.

  2. Thats good to hear. I also heard that it is going to be made into a movie. It comes out in 2010.

    I never thought you would be able to read Max Ride. How is that?????

  3. Ummmm.... It is science, and I had to read it for school. It was good, you will like it! :)

  4. Thanxs

    Reall?y how is it science for school?

  5. NO SILLY! hehehehehehehehehehe (I just had to say that) It is not a magical book, it is more scientific! I had to read it for this reading and writing festival that I was going to. You make me laugh. =)


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