Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Waiting to read this book

Story from Anthony Horowitz.
This Book is about;
Tim Diamond is the worst detective in the world - he couldn't find his nose with both hands and a road map. Luckily, his younger brother, thirteen-year-old Nick, is the real brains behind the operation! It's Christmas time, and once again, Tim and Nick are flat broke. Luckily for them, the famous Greek pop singer and movie star Minerva has been getting death threats - and they're the detectives hired to solve the mystery. Unfortunately for Nick, Tim's busy fending off Minerva's amorous advances, and the international star has made plenty of enemies on her way to the top, all of whom seem to want her dead. Can Nick track down the would - be assassin on his own?
( I think this my 6th book in the series.)


  1. Ohhhhhh..... I get it. I did not think you would read a book all about Christmas. =) I hate it when the story has nothing really to do with Christmas, it is just around that time of year, and then they name the whole book after it. But it sounds good.

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