Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Robin Hood! The Coming of Season 3!

I have been waiting for what it seems like eternity, i am a fan of the show from season one through season two. And now that season 3 is coming along, i can't wait to start watching it again.
From season 2 we have lost a few good characters like Maid Marian, Will Scarlett, and Djaq.
But now since Maid Marian was killed the show is not as strong, but i can't wait to see any way.
We still have Robin hood played by Jonas Armstrong, Guy of Gisborne played by Richard Armstrong, Sheriff played by Keith Allen, Little John played by Gordon Kennedy, Much played by Sam Troughton, And Allen A Dale played by Joe Armstrong.

The new series will start Friar Tuck off in (Total Eclipse) Prince John in Episode two (Cause and Effect) and new characters like Kate and Isabella.
The dates are not official yet. And it will be a while before they play in the U.S.


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  1. It is unfair how many good tv shows they have in the UK.


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