Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dog TroubleS

"Marley Is alive."

My o' my!
Huuuu, i am just getting over what she did. It did not happen more than an hour ago.
I love my dog Capri but she has a big problem. First it is shoes, and now its books! All i can say is that she has some sharp teeth, And i was really likeing this book.


  1. Can you still read it??????? If not we can take a break till you get a new one. I just hope you can still read it, even though it is mangled.
    Tell your dog "Bad dog!" from me, and then give him a hug. HE is soooo cute, no mater what he does. =)

  2. It is still readable, the cover is only riped out, and a huge chunk is GONE. But it is still readable.
    I was suprised that i was not as angry as i wanted to be, i just can't be tward her.

  3. Yeah I know how you feel. My dog olive, when ever she does something bad, I get a little, mad and might scold her, but then I feel guilty, and just love her, so I never stay mad, or get that upset.


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