Friday, January 9, 2009

Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key is the third book of the Alex Rider series. It follows sometime after Alex's last mission, still not fully recharged from the last nightmare, he's thinking that Point Blanc was his last one way assignment. It all begins when Mr. Crawley gives him an opportunity, to be a ball boy at Wimbledon. How Cool! Wimbledon! But it has a catch.

Then after surviving that disaster, another disaster is thrown his way, Mr. Bloom and Mrs. Jones convince him that he would be safer out of country, until this thing blows over.

With cool new gadgets he is sent to the U.S, were he is set up with two agents Carver and Troy.

He is not to into the idea, but neither are they, in fact they really hate the idea, but for the sake of their jobs are willing to suck it up and continue and complete the mission, which leads them into more deathly trouble right there on the docks.
Then after a change of heart , they head for Skeleton Key, a island a few miles south of Cuba.
There every thing goes as planed, he's relaxing and soaking up the sun, while Carver and Troy are scoping everything out.
But then, things go off of the carts wrong. Things changing rapidly, deaths, attacks, and all from one very powerful man who has no family and should have no will to live, but he has everything else, money, power, and NUCLEAR WEAPONS! The only thing missing is a sane brain cell in this man's evil head. Feeling all alone, now CIA's problem becomes his and things go personal.

This book was great, and it had a good rhythm, if you are into action and mystery check this book out.


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