Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yet To Read: Last day of the month!

Yet to read: is about a book that i have never ever read before but since it is on my reading list is want to share what it is about and why i want to read it. The plot description is from

Title: The Line
Author: Teri Hall
Pages: 224
Copy: Hard Cover
Price: 11.55 was 16.99
Published: March 4, 2010

Plot:In this futuristic debut, Rachel lives with her widowed mother, who is a housekeeper on the Property, an estate that borders the Line, a protective barrier that runs along the U.S. border. After a hostile force, the Korusal, blasted the area with atomic bombs, the Line has been rigidly maintained to keep out the Others: people who were trapped in the bombs’ fallout. Rachel is intensely curious about what life is like in the Away, beyond the Line, and when she finds a message from an Other pleading for help, she jumps into action. Her efforts trigger a series of events that not only compromise everyone on the Property but also reveal dangerous secrets.

Why? It sounds fun and different. The story sounds adventurous and mysterious. Action packed maybe. . . .

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