Monday, March 15, 2010

Open book: Hope to spy 2

Open Book: A place where i can share the quotes that inspire and put a smile to my face. (Painting it thick) Ink is the best invention ever! Well today i am sharing this quote that i found that i really liked. (well obviously i like it or i wouldn't have made this whole post for it) Anyways i soooo agree with it! I can't understand boys a whole lot either.

Title: Cross my heart and hope to spy (book 2)
Author: Ally Carter
Page: 197
Cammie talking -
"We'd been studying boys for almost an entire academic year, and yet i didn't feel any closer to understanding a culture where people insult you, then tease you, ignore you for weeks, and then ask you to the movies!"

Natsob~ Bostan

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