Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost season 6 episode 7

Well i just wanted to write a little something about last nights episode. It was pretty good i thought, the flash side ways were about Ben L. and we saw a little more about him and who he is in more of the real world. (though i know his relation between him and Alex are father and daughter i thought the new relation between them is a little unhealthy and creepy in a way.)I really do feel bad for island Ben, though i don't know what i should think of him yet. Is he bad? Is he good? What is he? Those are my questions. But i really did enjoy it, more question were answered but at the same time more questions where made and so i guess when questions are answered more questions come up to replace the old ones. A good cycle i think. Well i can't wait for next weeks, i think their are only 9 new episodes left in this final season!

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