Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Just Listen

Title: Just Listen
Author: Sarah Dessen
Pages: 371
YA/ Coming of age book

Basic Rating: 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Setting: 3/5
Characters: 3/5 1/2
Cover: 2/5 1/2 (meaning i thought it was a good cover)
My Copy: Paper back

My Recommendation: For fans of Sarah Dessen and a story with a lot of meaning and heart.

My Thoughts: I am very much impressed. This is my second Sarah Dessen book (the first i didn't like honestly) and this is my second try at reading this book. The first time i just couldn't Finnish it, i didn't like it and i couldn't get into it. And i think at the time i wasn't ready for it. It was a little out of my depth at that moment in my life. But anyways, i am so glad that i got myself to read it again. ( i wanted to try it again because i wanted to read Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key afterwards.) I recommend this book very much. Well i will start here, i really liked how it was written. The writing style is great and how the character Annabel is described through her narrating of it is great and addicting. Annabel as a character was greatly flawed, but you just had to like her. She did many things that would just make you want to scream- "Don't Do it!" or "Do it! Please!" But i really appreciate the human factor to her and the honesty of her personality. She didn't irritate me and i loved that. She was just really well made. Owen when i first tried to read this book came off to me as just a loser. But when i read it again this time i understood more of his character and got drawn into his intense nature making him one of my favorites. I really love him and just to clear things up - i don't think he is a loser. The other characters were also great and i really like them all. They were all real and believably human. The whole characters and story really was full of expression. It was sad and emotional, it was happy and bright, and it was in the middle. So many feelings spread out through this book. I learned a lot from this book, not only some facts on life that make a good point, but also how to write a good story. I give it a I LOVED IT!, because of all the things i stated above. I am just really glad (and enthused) that i finally read it. I'm grateful i gave it another chance.

Plot: Annabel Greene is the girl who has everything. At least, that's what she portrays in her modeling shoots. But Annabel's life is far from perfect. Her friendship with Sophie ended bitterly, and her older sister's eating disorder is weighing down the entire family. Isolated and ostracized at school and at home, Annabel retreats into silent acceptance. Then she meets - Owen - intense, music-obsessed, and determined to always tell the truth. And with his guidance, Annabel learns to just listen to herself and gains the courage to speak honestly. But will she be able to tell everyone what really happened the night she and Sophie stopped being friends?

A Critic - Bostan

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