Thursday, July 16, 2009

Open Book: Robin Hood (Last)

Open Book: Painting a smile with words. How things in life fade away, but not always entirely.

Title: Robin Hood
Author: Edith Heal
Page: 619

"Perchance all history turneth into myth," Said the outlaw. "Who knoweth but that Ulysses really hid in the wooden horse at Troy. Perchance the sad and wistful Iseult really sat in a high tower grieving for brave Tristam. Some day the world will sing of Robin Hood, and men will think that thou didst live only in the pages of a book."



  1. I almost put a quote up for that on my blog. I really liked the last part, about Robin Hood only living in the pages of a book.

  2. You should! And when you read your books and you like a quote, put it up. I want to know what you think. You should!!!!


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