Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Open Book: Alice

Open Book: Painting a smile with many words.
I thought these quotes were a little goofy and the reason being Lewis C. wrote them.

Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Chapter: 5 (For this book version Page 45)
'I can't explain myself, I'm afraid, Sir,' Said Alice, 'because I'm not myself, you see.'

Chapter: 6 (For this version Page 69)

'Well! I've often seen a cat without a grin,' thought Alice; 'but a grin without a cat! Its the most curious thing i ever saw in all my life!'


  1. Ummm.... very strange.... now that I think about it, I could probably not even read the book..... Sorry...

  2. Why not?
    Don't mind me saying this but i think you have that image of something scary in your mind and so you wont let your self get over it. Thats what i think, it really isn't scary at all, its a children's book.And i am sure you have seen things that are creepy-er, But i respect what you think and thats it. But i think you wont let yourself get over it~

  3. Grrr.... hehehehe no, I understand.... I think I could read the book... And might even see the new movie... I don't know.... YOU BIG MEANY!!!!! hehehe no... of coarse not!!! Love you

  4. Love you too, u know im just teasing you. But i make it my goal in life to change your mind about things. Hehehehe

    tata for now


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