Thursday, December 24, 2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Title: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Author: Lewis Carroll
Pages: 141

Basic Rating: 5/5

Plot: 5/5

Characters: 4/5 and a half.

Cover: (Puffin Classics ) 4/5

Recommendation: To children and people who love adventure and timeless story's

My Thoughts: Well as a really little child i never got to read this book (but i did get to see the movie and be in a school play of it) so when i found out that a new movie version of Alice in wonderland was coming out i really wanted to read the book to refresh my memory. I loved this book, it is truly one of the best children's book ever, full of wonderment and imagination. I always loved to watch the old Disney version and in comparison it is a lot the same and a lot the different. I loved the plot line, Alice goes on an adventure first off to find the white rabbit but also she meets many other characters along the way and has many other adventures. I really loved the characters, Alice is such a cool little girl i think, she is very smart for her small age and is like many other noisy young girls who ask so many questions. I can't mention them all but some of the characters that i loved were, the nervous White Rabbit, the caterpillar (in the movie i always was a bit scared of him but i loved him anyway), The Duchess and her baby, The Cheshire Cat (always loved him), The Mad hatter, and everyone else. I loved the Cover art for this particular book, the drawing is great and i love the colour choices, the yellow and the blue really make it pop! And last but not least i really got into the conversations, the way the characters talk and act silly is just great.

Lewis Carroll has truly made Wonderland.

Plot: One Day on a summer's Afternoon, little Alice stumbled onto a Rabbit hole, curious as always she falls right into Wonderland. Were everything and nothing is as it seems, bottles make you shrink and cake makes you grow, animals can talk, cats can vanish in mid air, and everyone is simply mad. Lost but trying to find the White Rabbit, Alice stumbles into many different things and places and she goes on an adventure of madness and in Wonderland anything can happen.

Thanks for reading, BOstan~

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