Sunday, November 29, 2009


Title: Granny
Author: Anthony Horowitz
Pages: 170
Basic Rating: 3/5 1/2 ( i really liked it)
Storyline: 3/5
Characters: 3/5
Cover: (I really love the cover)

My Thoughts: Well the two main points that drew me to this book was first the cover. The bright yellow and the innocent little old lady standing alone, but with her true character glaring behind her in the shape of a monster. I loved it. Plus the lady reminded me of my granny in a little way of size and oldness. The second way was the story line. Really never heard of the old grandma as the evil villain, so that's what made me interested at first. Reading, the descriptions and portrayals are so graphic and good that it is a little gross at times. The characters were definitely Horowitz's own. The ignorant and uncaring parents, poor lonely Joe, and Innocent but really not Granny. The story progressed really well and i enjoyed it very much. Would really suggest it, its a nice short read. It only made me love my grandma even more. Just hope their really isn't a secret world of hateful Granny's. That wouldn't be good.

Plot: Jordan Warden (or better known as Joe) is not happy nor loved, he is rich and has pretty much anything he could ask for (if his parents remember) but he isn't happy. His parents are too into themselves to care and to make things worse they didn't want him in the first place. He has a grandmother that he really never understood, sure she was not bad in an open way to him but she just doesn't act like a grandmother should. She is not only a bad granny but also physically gross. Sagging skin that is just not normal, a huge mole living right on her chin, yellow false teeth were just the beginning of things. Kissing her was just repulsive! As most people think she is just a dotty old lady who has no evil in her and is better to think of with no sense within her anymore like many other old people. But one day Joe figures everything out, every lie and deception he had grown up on. And he sees it, a wicked glimmer in her eyes, she is no dotty woman.

Joe's next for her and she will get him unless he can stop her first.


  1. My daughter loves Anthony Horowitz. I haven't seen this book, but will look for it.

  2. you should, i really liked it.


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