Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yet To Read: Ten Cents a Dance

Yet To Read: Is about a book that i have not read yet but i want to and it is on my reading wish list. And Most plot descriptions are from
Title: Ten Cents a Dance
Author: Christine Fletcher
Pages: 368
YA Book

When Ruby replaces her ailing mother in the tough, meatpacking Yards of 1940s Chicago, the feisty teen can’t stand the job’s grimness and poverty wages: I spent eight hours a day stuffing hogs’ feet in jars, and we still ate beans. When handsome bad-boy Paulie urges her to try the Starlight Dance Academy, and get paid to dance with men who show up each night, she can’t resist this far more lucrative prospect. Although her mom believes Ruby has changed jobs to become a night shift telephone operator, Ruby sashays into the wee hours as a dance-hall girl looking for glamour and adventure. Readers will be riveted by Ruby’s journey as she leaves one desperate existence for another and finds herself drawn deeper into a world that is hard-edged and even dangerous—especially when she begins to let Paulie lead her down a dubious path.



  1. I saw this book at my library. i was thinking of reading it, but it might not turn out good...

  2. I don't know, just thought it looked good.

    If you do read, warn me or give it a good word. :)


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