Thursday, July 2, 2009

Doctor who: The Stone Rose, By Jacqueline Rayner

Rating: 4/5
Story: 4/5 (Brilliant)
Characters: 4/5
Title: Doctor who: The Stone Rose
Author: Jacqueline Rayner
Pages: 249
Science Fiction~
I really loved this book, and it is one of my favorite in the series. The Characters of the Doctor, Rose, Mickey, and Jackie are so well read and written. Jacqueline has yet to fail. (But i am not saying that she will) And so far from the many Doctor who books that i have read this one is completely different. The whole story is taken in a different way because they go back so far in history but also of the hidden plot and mystery. It seems so open but at the same so closed in "Whats gonna happen next?" The Doctor and Rose have a nice relationship in this book and it sweet "Friends". Oh and the end totally unraveled into a wonderful story.
Plot: The Doctor, Rose, Mickey, and Jackie are all in a museum in London. Mickey has a Huge surprise for them and especially for Rose. When they get their, to their surprise and amazement, it is a statue of Rose. Roman Statue. Rose. All clues point to ROME. And that's where the Doctor and Rose suspect they are going.
Now on a mission to get that statue made, they find themselves also on a different mission at the same time. And finding the missing boy might be Clue one. With new acquaintances and dangers, Hideous truths and predictions, the adventure starts.
But Be careful what you wish for... It might come true.

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