Monday, June 29, 2009

UGLIES, By Scott Westerfeld

Rating: 4/5
Originality of Story: 4/5
Characters: 4/5
Cover: 3/5

Title: Uglies
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Pages: 425
Young Adult- Science Fiction

"In a world of extreme beauty, anyone normal is ugly."

This book was very good and i loved it for many of its aspects. First, it was created very well and original, the way the characters thought to the basic surroundings were very good and invented. It was futuristic but not just in a normal future idea of how it will look and be, but with a whole new thought and idea. Second, i really loved the characters. Tally was a strong character and she was completely made, you could feel personally that you were her in a sense. She was flawed in looks and in some of her thinking, but you loved her because she was flawed. In so many story's i loose interest because the character(s) are like everything else or they are too horribly formed, but in this book, looks are not a high interest to the readers because everyone is ugly before they turn pretty and when that is so you feel more apart of the character(s) and you don't care what they look like. And third, the way it was written is wonderfully done. I mean it is so much illustrated with words and descriptions, and not only that but it is important to understand their position in a book that focuses not on modern thinking and things but on one persons idea. It was also funny, being that we were practically the Rusties. The only part where it cuts off short is the ending, but that is soon made up for by the sequel in view. Props to the author.

Plot: Tally Youngblood lives in a world that if you are normal you are ugly until you have a special operation to turn you perfection pretty. The age that all Uglies must wait to is sixteen, they are sent over to have the operation and then live happily ever after with party's, pretty people, and fun for the rest of their lives. Tally can't wait for her sixteenth birthday that is just months away, she has been dreaming of it since she was a littlie and planing that day with her best friend Peris who has already had the operation and is waiting for her in New Pretty Town. As an Ugly, living as an outcast is a way of life, but when Pretty all troubles are gone and everything you want is yours.
But Tally's new friend Shay has the opposite view on things, she is happy with the way she looks and doesn't act like she wants to change. And when Shay runs away things began to look dim for Tally and life is more confused than ever. The authorities offer her an ultimatum: Betray a friend or never EVER turn pretty.
With on going action and mystery this book will take you to a world of extreme beauty and to the ugly side of everything.

It is a must read- BOstan~

Followed by Sequel: Pretties


  1. Glad you liked it, I new you would. =)

  2. I am planing to get the sequel soon! But i have to wait until next month. New rule for our poor state: Mom buys one new book a month. (Or that is the suposide rule) :)

  3. Hheheheheheheh. Check the You might be able to get your mom to give you a $10 limit, and then you could get more than one!


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