Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Since last year i have started to like Country music a lot more. The music is not really in my family, i know my dad never was fond of it but i suppose he never had the chance. My mom likes some and i don't know about my siblings. But i really like some country- for example the below..

I really like:
Tim McGraw-
-My little girl
-Don't take the girl
-Live like you were dying
-Its your love
-Just to see you smile

Taylor Swift = All of her songs
Dixie Chicks (i can't think of very many right now but i love this song)
_Traveling Soldier

Carrie Underwood (I love a lot of her songs Like;)
-Just a dream
-More boys i meet

And Rascal Flatts (I really like them)
- Take me there
-What hurts the most (i cried while watching the music video. So sad)


  1. I like Taylor Swift, and I don't mind the Rascal Flatts. But I am not a huge fan of Country music.

  2. I wasn't either, but i like some. I don't really like the really hard (like hard rock) country music.


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