Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Some Artists That I Like.....

These Are only some of the songs that i like.

Colbie Caillat-



-Misery Business
-That's What You get
-Crush Crush Crush
-Misery Business

The All American Rejects

-Top of the world
-Swing Swing
-Paper Heart

Taylor Swift-

-The Best Day
-Love Story
-Forever and Always
-You Belong With Me


-Five Colours in Her Hair

Miley Cyrus-

-The Climb
-East Northumberland High

Jason Mraz-

-I'm Yours
-Lucky; Feat. Colbie Caillat

Demi Lovato-

-Don't Forget
-La La Land

Jack Johnson-

-Sitting, Waiting, Wishing
-Banana Pancakes
-Good People

Billie Piper-

-Something Deep inside
- She Wants You

WHat Do you Like?


  1. I like all of the above except Billie Piper, and Paramore. Things I like, are (these are only a few, and unless I say that that is the only one I like, the listed ones after the artist, are just my favorites.)
    Within temptation; Somewhere (I only like that song.)
    Enya; wild child, and Flora's Secret (I find some of her songs relaxing, while others I HATE)
    Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks

    finding Neverland Soundtrack
    Francois-Paul Aiche & H. Scott Salinas;The Blue Sky Project; Pirates. ( that is the composer, then the album, then the song, for the last one I wrote in.)
    Augustana; Boston
    Blue October; congradulations, Into the Ocean, 18th floor balcony
    Damien Rice; Cannonball, Eskimo
    Good Charlotte; Wondering, Movin' On, Life Styles of the Rich and famous
    Hellogoodbye; Oh, It is Love, Here (In Your Arms)
    Weezer; Beverly Hills, Best Friend, Island in the Sun

    Those are just some, and not all of them are favorites. I really like Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and also all of the other artists you said, except for the ones I said above. Hope you like some of my music, and if not, that is fine to. =)

  2. I like the soundracks and Good charlotte, Hellogoodbye, weezer, enya, blue october. And thats all that i think i have heard of, so i can't say i don't like them. (Hehehe) I will check them out though.


  3. Do you know Loquat?
    Very very perfect music. I listened only their album "It's Yours to Keep" and this is pure happiness!


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