Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doctor Who: Sting Of The Zygons, By Stephen Cole

Rating: 4/5
Story: 4/5 (Loved it.)
I don't know, maybe its just me but i love the whole time travel thing, i know not everyone does and that's cool too, but i just love every Doctor Who book yet. This book got me the most on the tricks when i would think something and get convinced out of it and it ended up being correct or that i just never saw it. I have One word for it Brilliant.
At first i was not a big Martha Fan but she grew on me in the show and in the book character.
The Doctor has plans in taking Martha to Berlin, but they find themselves in England 1909. Lake side with not much to do, especially when Martha's dressed the way she is and not very excepted as a woman traveler. But as the action packs up no one has time to remember that. The Doctor and Martha get a ride and friend in Victor Meredith. He takes them to see the legendary Monster of Westmorland, and the Doctor smells something fishy and it isn't the Lake. Practically all of the expert hunters have gathered to hunt and kill the second Monster, and the King will appoint a knighthood to whoever finds the beast. Although none of this seems to be Earth related. But with sighting, kidnappings, disappearances, and an altogether adventure will the Doctor and Martha escape the sting of the Zygon?


  1. Will the series make scene if you don't watch the TV show?

  2. I think it kind of matters, because their will be things that a person would not get. Like the TARDIS and the Doctor himself, but i don't really know.
    ANd if you don't want to personally get into it, thats fine. I won't be offended in any way. Believe me i handle my sisters critisisum, well sometime i do. =)
    YOur friend forever.

  3. I would like to try reading one, I know how you feel about the whole criticizing, about what you read. My mom and "friend" always make fun of me for reading Redwall, but I like it, and I know it may sound dumb, but it is really good if people give it a chance. Well anyway, I might read one to see what I think.


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