Saturday, April 25, 2009

About a book that i have not read....... Black star, Bright Dawn, By Scott O'Dell

Title: Black Star, Bright Dawn
Pages: 144
This might be for a younger audience, but i think it has a nice plot.
Plot: Most Young girls experiences never involve hunting bearded seals on the ice, even within the Alaskan Eskimo culture. Bright Dawn is an exception. In her father's eyes, she became his son's replacement ever since her brother drowned. When Bright Dawn is 18 years old, her father, recently injured, insists that she take his place in the Iditarod, the famous Alaskan dogsled race covering more than a thousand miles between Anchorage and Nome. Unflinching, yet trembling in her mukluks, she faces her challenge head-on.


  1. This also sounds good. A short read, but still good!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your header! Is it a picture of you? I LOVE IT!


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