Saturday, February 7, 2009

A new post!

Sorry i haven't been posting so much lately. I don't no why, i haven't been to busy but busy with boring things. Their are some fun things that i have started and done lately, but it is mostly with school. I am still reading Cecilia, so far it is good, i have to read the rest to see.
You have to watch The secret life of bees, it is so good. Both sad and happy. The movie is so good. Brideshead Revisited, is a bit different, if you have heard of it or seen the movie than discard this. It has some parts where it is a bit weird, and some parts where you have to close your eyes, but it was well made and sad. Not the kind where the main characters die or anything, but regretful sadness on the characters side. I thought it was OK, not the best, but it was okish good.

Something new:
I started writing HAIKU's. Its the kind of poem's that Japanese or others now write. Have you heard of them? It is suppose to be short like three lines, and only 17 syllables. But the point is to paint a mental image.

I really like this Haiku, written by, Buson

the whole sky
in a wide field of flowers
one tulip.

I am learning for a contest so well see......
I hope to hear from you soon.
To lain,
From Bostan~


  1. Hey, it is good to hear from you! Check my blog for a new post, it will be there. It is almost 10:00 am here so it is 4:00 am there, so I know you won't get this for a while. Hope you have a good sunday,


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